Catching Up

I know I have been slacking off again, if the choice is between actual quilting and writing about quilting, I think you know what is going to win…


This is a quilt that I quilted this fall for Pine Needles, obviously, since we haven’t seen grass in months! I believe it a pattern out of a book they have available in the store.


I quilted this with one of Susan Malletts block designs with an all over swirl pattern. I was really happy with how it turned out!


 The next two quilts I quilted for my Aunt Kris. These were gifts for her granddaughters for Christmas so I didn’t want to share them too early! I think I’m safe now.


I love the colors in both of these quilts! I love anything bright with a strong pattern.

For the blue quilt we decided on white thread and the bubbles pattern.


I really can’t decide which one I like the best.


We decided to use the same bubbles pattern on the pink quilt but went with hot pink thread.

They turned out great and she said the girls loved them!

DSC_0170editThis sweet baby quilt is one that I quilted for Kristina.  It is a kit that she got from Pine Needles Sewing Center. She knew want she wanted to quilt it with and found this pattern for me to use.


The pattern is called Blast Off and she wanted bright orange thread. Very cute!


This quilt is called Blueberry Delight, kits are available through Pine Needles if you are interested.


I used purple thread and a pattern called Lily of the Valley.


This quilt is called Seventh Heaven and will also be available through Pine Needles.


I decided on a teal blue thread in a design called Torrent.

I have several more projects in the works so stay tuned to see what else is new!

Have a great day and stay warm!!


Another Baby Quilt, a finish and a question

sarah minky

Another of our friends had a baby last week, this is number 9 for them! Every baby needs a new quilt so of course I had to make one for her. I had this fabric in my stash, I loved it at first sight. I love turquoise and red together and I thought they would be a nice alternative to a traditional pink baby quilt. I also had this gorgeous minky that matched the turquoise so that sealed the deal!

sarah with calves

I did very simple straight line echo quilting following the inside of the piecing 1/4 inch.  The pattern I used was a swoon block that I found a tutorial for online.  Don’t mind my babies, I guess they wanted in the picture, too.

color block

I also quilted this top that I have had finished for several months.  It was a kit that I bought to practice on when I got my Bernina 830 and Grace frame.

color bloc 2

It is so easy to use I really didn’t need practice pieces, but I did use it to try a new quilting design that I had gotten a while ago. It is called “Natalia’s Let it Snow” and I got it from It is a very dense and complicated design with lots of little loops and points.  It was perfect for this quilt with its simple piecing.

medallion 1

I have also finally finished the top of my Medallion quilt. If you remember I started this quilt as part of a quilt-a-long back in July. Between having kids home, running out of grey fabric and family vacation it took me way longer than I expected to finish the top. This is the first quilt that I have made for myself and I love it.

medallion 2

Now I am having a completely different dilemma. I have no idea how I want to quilt it!!  If you are interested you can check out the other quilts made during the quilt along and see some of the stunning long arm work that the ladies have done. So now my dilemma, do I try to design a quilting motif to use with my Quilt Motion software, do I have someone else do it for me or do I just do a panto design on the whole thing? I think for now it is going to sit and let me think about it for a while. I have other projects filling up my mind that are ready to come out, but if you have any quilting ideas be sure to let me know!!

Have a great day!


Making Progress

Heidi 1

Some of our friends had a new baby girl recently and I just had to make a quilt for her.

heidi 2 copy

I made a simple wonky patch block then embroidered her name on it with minky. I used the same pink minky for the backing but instead of putting it on the frame I used my BERNINA stitch regulator and did some free motion swirls.


I also finished (almost) the top for my Medallion Quilt-A-long.  According to the guide lines of the quilt-a-long it is finished, however I am going to add some borders to it to make it a king size. I am hoping to finish that in the next couple days and then the hard part begins. I have no idea how to quilt it! If you have any ideas let me know!


It’s been awhile…

I know it has been a while since my last post, but the kids are back in school, we are back from vacation and I have had a little time to work. Be warned this post may be a little long. By the way, please excuse some of the bad photography, we had a few rainy days…

DSC_0184 copy

My cousin Jessi got married July 6th. I wanted to make her something special because she is special to my family.  She has baby sat my kids so many times and she is just the sweetest girl! I made this quilt, that uses a layer cake, from the Moda Bake Shop. It’s from Moose on the Porch Quilts, you can find the Bake Shop post here.

DSC_0186 copy

I know I should put a label on every quilt that I make but I have to admit that this is the first label I have ever made.  Jessi’s husband Ryan loves to hunt so I was thinking of him with this fabric, you can see the deer in the sashing fabric. I really enjoyed making this quilt. The pattern was easy and it went together very quickly. I think I worked on it 4 days total, including the time to quilt it.  Its an 82 X 85 queen size quilt.

DSC_0026 copy

I’ve also quilted a couple more quilts that my Aunt Kris has made. I just had to get a new owl panto for this quilt.

DSC_0030 copy

Nothing else would do! I used blue So Fine for the quilting.

DSC_0023 copy

This is a jelly roll quilt that Kris made. I love the colors and I am so glad that she picked out a leaf design because it is exactly what I wanted to use.

DSC_0025 copy

This was the first time I had ever used this design and it was quite a bit larger that I thought it would be, but I really liked how it turned out.

DSC_0061 copy

We also took our biggest family vacation ever this summer. We traveled to Florida and went to Disney World, LEGOLAND and St. Pete’s Beach. I made the kids each a backpack to keep their stuff in that they wanted to carry around. They were very handy to have on the plane.

DSC_0062 copy

I added the applique first, it is from Lynnie Pinnie designs.  Then I constructed the bags and made straps using my BERNINA bias binding tool.  It made the straps super fast!!  I love Lynnie Pinnie, she had the cutest designs that are available for instant download and super reasonable prices.

DSC_0063 copy

My cousin Ryan and his wife Krista had a sweet little boy named Andrew. I just had to make him a farm themed quilt.

DSC_0059 copy

I used super soft minky fabric for the applique and the backing and quilted it by following the seam lines 1/4 inch on each side.  For the binding, I trimmed the backing fabric about an inch larger than the front then folded it over and top stitched.


This is MY project. I have been quilting for a little over a year now and decided it was time to make a quilt for myself.  These blocks are made using Jenny Pedigo’s quick curve ruler. She has two amazing blogs but I found her at Sew Kind of Wonderful. I had the ruler and a pattern that I had not used yet, when she announced a Medallion Block sew along. It actually started July 1st and your goal is two blocks per week.  Well, I made 8 blocks the first two days and decided that instead of making 16 blocks, I was turning this into a king size and making 36.  In the picture above I have 22 done. Now I have 28 done and the fabric cut for the rest.  I am going to add a thin grey border, a scrappy border and a thick grey on the outside. I feel like I am three weeks behind because of vacation and running out of grey fabric and having to order it, but I am making progress. There is an option to add a diamond in the center of the white block using print fabric, but I have not decided on that yet.

Well there you have my summer, I am hoping to make a lot of progress on my quilt over the weekend, but I have a feeling with our 100 degree heat we will be spending our time in the pool instead.

Have a Great Day !!


Hot Off The Frame

DSC_0003I just finished three more quilts for Pine Needles Sewing Center in Cedar Rapids. These are quilts that another lady has pieced and they have given me to do the machine quilting work. All three of these quilts are samples of kits that will soon be available for purchase so they get to join the gorgeous array of other quilts on display at the store.


This is Twist-N-Turn, I knew as soon as I looked at this one that I was going to some sort of circle pattern, all the dots and circles in the fabric just begged for it! I quilted it with a pattern called bubbles in white So-Fine.


This sweet quilt is made using the dessert roll size precuts. It is out of a pattern book that Pine Needles will be featuring at future events.


I quilted this using a pattern called Budding with white So-Fine thread.


This is Orange Squeeze and the pattern is also from the book I mentioned above.


I quilted this with the pattern Daisey Chain in white So-Fine.

When I took these back to Pine Needles they sent me home with three more so I better get to work!

Let me know what is your favorite.


Hollys Quilt

Hollys 3

This is a quilt that I got to do for Holly.  I absolutely love it!! She told me it was a fat quarter project she got off Pinterest. She bought the fabric as a bundle at her local quilt shop.

Hollys 1

She was not quite sure what she wanted and had this pattern as one of her choices.  From the back you can see the detailed pattern. I used gray thread that matched the border and stood out from the blocks.

Hollys 4

Here the sunlight really makes the quilting stand out in this picture. I only have one regret about this quilt, that I didn’t make it. Good Job Holly!

A BIG Finish!

pn 3

I just finished quilting the largest quilt I have ever been asked to do, a monster at 104 X 94, and it filled every inch of my frame. I was asked by Pine Needles Sewing Center to do the quilting on a couple quilts.  Pine Needles is where I purchased my BERNINA 830, Quilters Creative Touch and Grace Frame that I use to finish all of my quilts. It is one of my favorite places. First of all it is beautiful! The displays are all over the store, it is impossible to not find something you want to make when you are admiring the finished quilts on the walls. Secondly, they have the most helpful team of employees and thirdly they have classes on any topic you can think of.  Needless to say,  when I was asked to do these quilts  for the store I was thrilled. I have already finished a smaller lap size quilt and taken it back to the store. I was so excited to take it in I totally forgot to take any pictures.

Frilly Flur

I wanted something different for this quilt, and I found this design on the Intelligent Quilting web site. I have gotten several designs from them and have been tickled pink with them all!

PN 1

I have to admit, I really like floral designs.  However this design caught my eye and I love it! It is very flowing, but very simple and lets the gorgeous quilt shine through.

PN 2

I used off white So Fine thread and I blends nicely with the quilt.

I enjoyed doing this quilt, and I learned a few things too!

Jeannas Quilt



On Easter Sunday my cousin Jeanna was here from Minnesota and brought me this sweet quilt to do.  I just love it and so does Regan, she was very disappointed that I had not made it for her!


jeannas 2

I used an all over pattern called paisley playtime and Jeanna provided me with some very pretty variegated pastel thread.

jeannas 1

I really like how it turned out! The pattern is light and flowing and doesn’t take away from the darling design of the quilt.  I can wait to get it to Jeanna.