Ironing Board Update


Since moving into my new sewing room I have been thinking of ways to make it look good. I painted a cabinet and have been collecting new things to hang on the walls.  When I read a blog post from Jo’s Country Junction I knew my next step was new ironing board covers.  She was having a challenge with a cute layer cake as a prize so I headed to my stash to pick out some fabric.  I found my fat quarter bundle of V & Co. Simply Style and picked out a few things that would match some of the yardage that I have been hoarding.


I decided to recover both my large ironing board and my small pressing board.  Chevrons seemed the way to go so picked out two fabrics, placed them right sides together and  I cut some 4 inch strips for the small board and 5 inch strips for the larger one, then I cut the strips into squares.


When I had the squares cut I drew a diagonal line from corner to corner and then sewed 1/4 inch on each side of the line, then cut on the marker line to make some half square triangles.


I pressed the triangles open and laid them out how I wanted them to look on my board.  I created a blue chevron for the small board and a green chevron for the larger one. I sewed all my small squares together to make my chevron sections.


Since I was using mostly scraps on my small board I started out by sewing these three pieces together, then remeasuring, cutting again and adding a couple more scrap strips in.


For the larger board, I decided where I wanted to chevrons to sit on the board and cut my yardage to length. I then sewed the three sections together.   I placed the boards upside down over the cover and drew a line about 4 inches bigger than the board itself.  I used my serger to sew around the outside edge so it would not ravel.


I pressed the edge under and top stitched about 3/4 inch from the edge all the way around the outside, leaving a small opening to feed the string through.


I did add a fresh layer of batting under the new covers and tied them on.  And there you have it, two recovered ironing boards.  They are almost too pretty to use!




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