A BIG Finish!

pn 3

I just finished quilting the largest quilt I have ever been asked to do, a monster at 104 X 94, and it filled every inch of my frame. I was asked by Pine Needles Sewing Center to do the quilting on a couple quilts.  Pine Needles is where I purchased my BERNINA 830, Quilters Creative Touch and Grace Frame that I use to finish all of my quilts. It is one of my favorite places. First of all it is beautiful! The displays are all over the store, it is impossible to not find something you want to make when you are admiring the finished quilts on the walls. Secondly, they have the most helpful team of employees and thirdly they have classes on any topic you can think of.  Needless to say,  when I was asked to do these quilts  for the store I was thrilled. I have already finished a smaller lap size quilt and taken it back to the store. I was so excited to take it in I totally forgot to take any pictures.

Frilly Flur

I wanted something different for this quilt, and I found this design on the Intelligent Quilting web site. I have gotten several designs from them and have been tickled pink with them all!

PN 1

I have to admit, I really like floral designs.  However this design caught my eye and I love it! It is very flowing, but very simple and lets the gorgeous quilt shine through.

PN 2

I used off white So Fine thread and I blends nicely with the quilt.

I enjoyed doing this quilt, and I learned a few things too!


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